Best looking smartphone under 15000

In the offline as well as Online many Smartphones from many Companies are available at the Cheapest rate. But they have a Problem that they are not good at Looking. You are always go for Best Looking Smartphone under 15000.

Now, In this article I will be going to tell you Best Looking Smartphone under 15000 which you can Buy for yourself

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Why Do you choose a Best Looking Smartphone?

Oppo K1 Best Looking Smartphone

You are choosing a Best Looking Smartphone because of it’s Design. Because you now bored from your Old and Ugly Looking Smartphone.

Now, you want to upgrade your Smartphone and you want to choose a Best looking Smartphone under 15000.

Under 15000 because your budget is only 15000 to buy a latest smartphone and you already know that I provide you some of the Best of Best Smartphone under 15000.

Why you are choosing Smartphone under 15000?

Recently, I have tell you about this that why you are choosing Smartphone under 15000 because your Budget is only 15000 under which you have to purchase a Smartphone.

And Now, you want to purchase a Best looking Smartphone under 15000 which you can afford and under your Budget.

Vivo V11 Pro

Some Best Looking Smartphones under 15000

Now, after reading above Heading and Para your 2 Most important question is solved and here I will be going to tell you Top 3 Smartphones under 15000 which you can Buy in 2019.

These Top 3 Smartphones are:

1. Honor 7X

This Honor 7X comes from parent Brand of Huawei which is Honor. In this smartphone you can you have many features.

And best thing is that this is under 15000.

Some Best Features of Honor 7X:

  1. Edge to Edge all Screen Design
  2. Wifi Bridge: This can Catch Wifi signal in Highest Range.
  3. Easy Selfie
  4. The Best Part is Best Looking under 15000
  5. Price is Rs. 12999

The 2nd Smartphone that you can Buy is

2. Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei is the Sub-Brand of Honor which is famous for making a good looking Smartphone. They really make Best Looking Smartphone as well as under Budget which anyone can be able to Purchase.

Huawei P20 Pro

Features of Huawei P20 Pro:

This Huawei is Majorly famous for it’s Design and Camera Quality in 2019. But I will tell you more Features of this Huawei P20 Pro.

  1. 6GB R.A.M in this Smartphone
  2. 256GB Internal Storage
  3. Selfie Camera of 24 MP
  4. Rear Camera of 24 MP
  5. Best Looking Smartphone
  6. Tripple Camera Setup

And their are many more features in this Huawie P20 Pro.

3. Redmi Note 7

Redmi Note 7 is the Latest Smartphone which is recently launched in India and in Whole world.

I say that this is the Best phone which you can buy for it’s Design and Price. Redmi Note 7 is the Best looking smartphone under 15000 which you should buy.

Redmi Note 7 back body Gradient Look
Redmi Note 7 Gradient look. Image is from

Features of Redmi Note 7

Redmi Note 7 is the come from the known brand Xiaomi and this smartphone has created it’s Hike in the Market because of many features:

  1. The best Quality camera of 48 MP in Rear and 24 MP in Front.
  2. Gradient Color with Intense Lookback
  3. 4GB R.A.M and 132GB Internal Storage.
  4. Best Looking Smartphone.
  5. 6.3-inch Display with Gorilla Glass 4.0.

Hence Redmi Note 7 comes with many features like these only.


In this article I have show you some Best Looking Smartphone under 15000 which you can Buy in India. These smartphones are:

  1. Honor 7X
  2. Huawei P20 Pro
  3. Redmi Note 7

Now, I know that you are waiting for me that I will tell you that which smartphone is best out of these 3 Smartphone.

REDMI NOTE 7 is the device which is the Best looking Smartphone which you can purchase because this smartphone is under Budget and comes with many specs. You can Buy this Redmi Note 7 in 2019. And if you want to read in Detail about this Redmi Note 7 on Indiatechnow.

Thanks for reading this Article…….

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