Best action adventure games for PC | Top 3 Adventure Games

Here in the Market many action adventure games are available. But Today, I have some of the Best action adventure Games for PC which can change the style of your Gaming.

I have Top 3 action adventure games that have the Potential to become the best action games ever in this calendar year.

And If, you want to know Some of the Best Website to Play Games Online.

Top 3 best action adventure Games

Top 3 Action Adventure Games to Play:

Games are not only to play for Pleasure they also make your concentration more powerful. Games make your PC more Legend and you can also be legend in between your Friends that I have this Game on my PC.

And Today after going through this Article you gone a know more about some of the Best action adventure games for PC. These games make you more legend.

1. Assassin’s Creed : A Power of Warrior

This is the Game Developed by Assassin and now this is owned by agames. But this Assassin’s Creed is not free it’s Paid. This is only for Pro Warriors of games.

Pro Warriors Game

Cost of Assassin’s Creed

As you that is one of the Best action adventure games for PC that’s why it’s cost is little high but you can afford it. This’s cost for $79 i.e Rs.4000-4500 in Indian Currency.

Features of Assassin’s Creed

  1. Full HD: This game is Full HD that make your gaming Experience more realistic and more Powerful.
  2. Choose your Character: In this game you can Choose your character as per your wish. You Choose and Customize your Gravtar/Model in the Game.
  3. Big Battles: In this Assassin’s Creed you can play in Big Battle and win. Like you Play in Group.
  4. Futuristic Play: This is made for Pro Player and this game some Futuristic feature in Built.

Pros of Assassin’s Creed

  • Beautiful visuals and a soundtrack to match
  • Insane world
  • Excellent combat

Cons of Assassin’s Creed

  • Combat mechanics are janky
  • Some minor story pacing issues
  • Heaps of bugs

2. Grand Auto Thief V

This is the Most Popular and the Best action adventure games for PC which you can Play. And I know that you have played it’s recent or any other Version like GTA Vice City or GTA Gaddar.

GTA V Game with HD Quality

What is the Cost of GTA V:

As you know that Grand Auto Thief is the Best game for legend Player in PC. This $49 can be afford by any of the Gaming Player who Love Games and Passionate about Gaming.

Features of GTA V:

  1. Spend your cash: In GTA 5 you can Customize you car and get more cash in the Game after Customizing the Game.
  2. Variety of Games: This GTA V offer you to play a Variety of Games with different Levels in it. You can Play Different games as per your wish.
  3. Multi-Player Game: You can play as Multiplayer and in the Group as well in this game. This make it Best action adventure Game ever.
  4. New Weapons: This game offers you some of the Best Weapon which you cannot able to find in any other action game.

Pros of GTA 5

  • Gorgeous, intricately-detailed world.
  • Heist missions are a blast to plan and execute.
  • Three character dynamic works a treat.
  • Massive, varied and detailed world.
  • Brilliantly varied missions stick in the mind.

Cons of GTA 5

  • Irritating characters and grating dialogue.
  • Slow, unintuitive interface.
  • Immaturity creeps in a number of times.

3. Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is a Warrior game in which you an warrior in Players Battle ground where you are a Warrior.

Cry War 4

Cost of Far Cry 4

You can Buy this game on Amazon at $35 i.e Rs.2450 which is a reasonable cost for it. This cost is the Discounted cost of this far Cry 4 and the Original Cost is $49 i.e Rs.3400.

Pros of Far Cry 4

  • Vast breath of game play content available.
  • Compelling characters and story.
  • Chaotic, anything-goes sandbox.
  • Consistent surprises mean it’s impossible to ease into a predictable routine.

Cons of Far Cry 4

  • Wildlife can be unnecessarily aggressive.
  • Very similar structure and features to Far Cry 3.
  • Overarching story is almost beat-for-beat a retread of previous game.
  • Stealth sections undermine open approach.
  • Competitive multiplayer is functional and nothing more. Disappointing.


In this article I have tell you some Best action adventure games for PC in 2019 which you can Play. These games you can Play only in Computer but not on Phone.

The List of Games are :

  1. Assassin’s Creed
  2. Grand Auto Thief V
  3. Far Cry 4

And I have also tell you the Features, Pros and Cons of the Top 3 best action adventure Games.

Thanks for Reading this Post and Now, I have a Question for…..

That which game you really want to Play on your PC in 2019?

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