15 to 20 Thousand Mobile | Best Smartphone under 15 to 20 thousand

There are many mobile available in the market but you should select according to your Budget. And I know that in today’s scenario your budget is to 15 to 20 thousand mobile.

You should always ask to a person and buy that mobile which is best under your budget. Likewise their are many mobile available in the Market which you can buy under 15 to 20 thousand. But I recommend to read this article then Buy that Mobile Phone which come with Best Specs.

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Reason to Buy a Smartphone that comes under 15k to 20k:

Redmi Note 7 back body Gradient Look
Redmi Note 7 Gradient look. Image is from gsmarena.com

There are many reasons why you are Purchasing 15 to 20 thousand Mobile for yourself:

  1. They come with Latest Technology.
  2. There always be a reason to change your previous Smartphone like Damage, Repair, Hanging issue and many.
  3. 15 to 20 thousand mobiles are best for your Pocket.
  4. Smartphone under 15 to 20 thousand is always best for gaming.
  5. You are also buying a new device for the Camera. If you want to know more about Camera Apps for your Device.
  6. And there are many Issues with your previous model Smartphone.

Top 3 15 to 20 thousand Mobile you can Buy in 2019:

There are many Smartphone available between 15 to 20 thousand mobile but you should always choose best as your Smartphones.

1. Samsung A50

Samsung A50 is the latest Smartphone which is launched by Samsung in Feb 2019. Samsung has recently launched in 2019 to compete with Redmi Note 6 and Note 6 Pro.

Specs of Samsung A50:

I must say that this Smartphone of Samsung have the to come in 15 to 20 thousand Mobile which have more potential than other Samsung smartphones.

  1. Battery: 4000mAh Battery Power.
  2. Sim Slots: Dual Sim Support, Nano-SIM Configuration.
  3. Display Size: 6.0 inches (15.24 cm) screen size.
  4. Processor: Exynos 9 Octa-core CPU.
  5. Android OS: Android v9.0 (PIE) Operating System
  6. Internal Storage: 64 Storage inbuilt
  7. R.A.M: 4GB R.A.M with DDR2
  8. Camera: 16MP rear Camera, 5MP front Camera
  9. Price: Rs.19990 in India

If you ask me that this phone is value for money or not my answer is always wait for next Phone because your Perception about 15 to 20 thousand mobile be change after watching the Price of next Mobile.

2. Oppo K1

Oppo is also comes under 15 to 20 thousand mobiles that make it great Smartphone under Budget with extra benefits of this Phone.

Features of OPPO K1:

This Smartphone has more and more chances to get it now on this Oppo K1. There are many Specs for this Smartphone are:

  1. Battery: This comes with 4500mAh Battery.
  2. Sim Slot: Dual Sim, Nano Sim support.
  3. Display Size: This comes with 6.4 inches Display Size.
  4. Camera: 16MP rear Camera, 2 MP Front Camera.
  5. Internal Storage: This Smartphone comes with 64GB internal Smartphone.
  6. R.A.M: Oppo K1 comes with 4GB R.A.M.
  7. Price: Rs. 16,990 is the Price

I know that you are thinking there is no Difference in Samsung A50 and Oppo K1 but you have the See the price of both Smartphones. There is a Difference of Rs. 3000 in both of the Smartphone.

3. Vivo V11

This is the Best Smartphone ever which comes under 15 to 20 thousand Mobile and this will be the winner of Top 3 Mobiles.

Features of Vivo V11:

This smartphone is Best because of it’s feature and I know that you are exited to know the Specs of this Vivo V11. Let see it’s feature which are:

  1. Display: 6.3 inches Display
  2. Sim Slot: This comes with Dual Sim Slot and 1 has Nano Sim Support.
  3. Processor: MediaTek Helio P60 is the Best Processor.
  4. Camera: 16 MP Rear Camera, and 5 MP Dual Camera.
  5. Battery: 3400 mAh Battery.
  6. Android OS: This comes with v8.1 OS.
  7. Internal Storage: 128 GB Internal Storage.
  8. R.A.M: 6GB R.A.M.
  9. Price: Rs.19,990


In this Article I have give you Top 3 15 to 20 thousand Mobile that you can Buy as per your Wish. The top 3 Smartphone are:

  1. Samsung A50
  2. Oppo K1
  3. Vivo V11

After reading this article you are in confusion to Buy the smartphone that which is the Best for you. Which 15 to 20 thousand Smartphone you can Buy.

VIVO V11 is the Best smartphone because of it’s R.A.M of 6GB and Internal Storage of 128GB. This is the Best Smartphone out of three. Because oppo is giving as specs as same as Samsung A50.

And Samsung A50 has price Problem likewise the Price is 19,990 and giving same specs as Oppo K1 which Oppo is giving in 16,990.

That’s the reason that VIVO V11 is best for you under 15 to 20 thousand Mobiles which you can Buy.

Thanks for Reading this Article and I know that you like this article. Now, you are ready to buy the Smartphones under 15 to 20 thousands.

Now, I have a question for you…. That When you are supposing to buy any of the Smartphone? Please tell a Specific Year or Specific Date or Month….

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